My wine tours are a day out in any of the local wine growing regions. My guides and I love to go to the smaller, off the beaten track wineries where we know the owners or the wine makers. You will get to talk with them and learn about their skillful craft. Some of these wineries are so small (or want to remain hidden) that they may not even be on the wine maps.
We can also get you in to any of your "must see' places.
You may not know anything about wines or wine making. We can tailor your tour to meet people who will help you to learn about this wonderful art.

Napa Valley from Barnett Vineyards.
Photo by Casey Hertenstein, one of our guests

We can work with you to plan your tour. You may have wineries that you want to visit. We can also recommend wineries depending on what Districts or
particular wines you are interested in tasting. Have lunch at one of the many fine restaurants in wine country. We can make suggestions and the reservations. How about a gourmet picnic at a winery? Sitting under the shade of the Oaks, sipping on wine made right there. Our favorite place to pick up picnics and other gourmet feasts is the epicurean connection. We can order and pick up a picnic for you or take you to a store where you can put together your own special picnic. Some Wineries offer lunches with the tasting.

How about something really special! I can set up a private dinner in a wonderful Vineyard or Cave setting. It will be one of the most memorable experiences that you will ever have.

Sam with Chef Daryl at Sherwin Family Vineyards. By David Rasmussen

Sam's notes:

As a guide who lives in the Valley I can show you a very different view of the Wine Country. The experience of visiting the smaller, family owned, wineries will give you a real feeling for how daily life is conducted here in this beautiful region. I have lived here for many years and know many of the owners and winemakers as we all work and play together.  You will get to meet my friends!  By the way, I don't dress in a black suit. I am not sure my friends would recognize me if I did. All tours are specific to you. You will have your own private tour, with your own personal guide.  Most visits will include meeting and tasting with those Winemakers or the Winery Owners. We will be the only ones in the winery on our own private visit.  We will typically try to visit 2 wineries in the morning and then depending on the choice of lunch or picnic we can usually visit 2 more in the afternoon.

The Baileys take a stroll through Ancien's Vineyards

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